Maid’s Story: Maid Monogatari - English

Maid’s Story – Maid Monogatari - English
The Maid’s Story is a simulation/hentai game developed by C’s Ware. You take the role as a young man who has recently found a job of his dreams: to train three maids in a number of household chores. The household chores can by anything from shopping, washing, cooking, and cleaning. You need to supervise your maids during their training and you need to decide if you should encourage or punish them when they do wrongs or rights. When the evening comes you need to give your maids some training in another area.

Run setup.exe as Admin then run MD.exe to play

If you get CS_MD_T.INI damaged,move your game folder to another location (D:/ or E:/ or C:/) then do step 1 again

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