Paranormal State Poison Spring Collectors Edition

Paranormal State Poison Spring Collectors Edition
The Paranormal Research team from the hit A&E TV show “Paranormal State” is called in to investigate a terrifying supernatural event at Poison Spring State Park, historical site to a grisly Civil War battle. Join the team as their newest member, solve this ghostly case, and reunite two wayward spirits in this eerie hidden object adventure!


  • Become a member of the ghost hunting team!.
  • Explore hauntingly beautiful Poison Spring park!.
  • Enjoy detailed, hand-painted artwork!.
  • Full voice-acted cutscenes and a story inspired by the hit TV show!.
  • Use real life ghost-hunting tech, such as the EMF Meter, the Thermal Cam, and EVP Recorder!.
  • Steam version will include Steam Achievements and Steam Trading Cards!.
  • Special Collector’s Edition includes:
  • New locations to explore!
  • Bonus Hidden Object scenes!
  • Earn dozens of unique achievements!
  • Play extra mini-games!
  • Integrated strategy guide!
  • Unlockable artwork!

Paranormal State Poison Spring Collectors Edition-000815
Developer: SCREENSEVEN | Platform: PC | Genre: N/A

Size: 644 MB

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