Boob Wars 2 – Ultimate Boob Wars! 18+

Boob Wars 2 – Ultimate Boob Wars!
Bustchest continent is at war: Big Breasts and Flat Chest kingdoms fight to determine once and for all what size is better.
Hart, the protagonist, loves all sizes equally. According to Breasts God he has a special power which can save the continent, so without a second thought Hart starts his quest as a breasts-loving messiah.Sequel to the greatest literary work of the 21st century has been translated to English. More boobs, more flat chests, more h-scenes.


Title: Zettai Saikyou Oppai Sensou!! -Kyonyuu Oukoku vs Hinnyuu Oukoku
Rating: 18+
Language: English
Aliases Absolute Best Tits The Boobs War -Kingdom of Big Tits vs Kingdom of Small Tits-
Developer: softhouse-seal GRANDEE

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