Dragon Age 2 Ultimate HD

Dragon Age 2 Ultimate HD-TeaMCrossFirE
Release: 10 Apr 2014-TeaMCrossFirE
Genre: Adventure , RPG
Developer: Electronic Arts
Language: English
Size: 9,8GB

Aegrus Ultimate HD is the highest definition texture mod available for Dragon Age 2. It aims to replace every texture in DA 2 with new diffuse, normal, specular, and relief (parallax) maps. Not only is it a texture replacer, however, it's also an overhaul for the art style. Colors and materials have been altered intentionally to bring a greater sense of grit and realism to DA 2. I love DA 2, but I hate the default graphics, and this is my attempt to bring them up to modern standards. When I started work on this mod last year, I never thought I'd get this far. I learned modding from the ground up just for this series and, despite all the painful stumbles and late nights sobbing into my keyboard, I'm proud to say that I'm finally nearing success.

- All DLC's
- HD Texture pack

(Fully Optimized, works on Dx11 and Dx9)

System Requirements:

There are no requirements for the normal version of this mod. However, the Ultra version requires an LAA patch. By default, DA 2 only uses 2 GB of your PC's RAM. An LAA (Large Address Aware) patch will allow your game to use 4 GB if your PC has it, which will decrease load times and improve performance. This is necessary for the ultra version of the mod simply because of how huge the textures are.

Install Notes:

1. UnRAR
2. Play

-Make sure you have all VC++ Redists installed on your pc, Directx and Drivers up to date. (Real Gamers always do it)

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