Caribbean v0.801 +Cracked-3DM

Caribbean v0.801 +Cracked-3DM

Developer: Snowbird Games
Genre: Action, Adventure, Early-Access, RPG
Size: 456 MB


  • - Naval battles with controllable ships. There are several types of damage that ships can deal and take; Ships can lose sails and be caught on fire.
  • - Players can purchase unique upgrades for their ships, like a more solid hull, fire protection, damage reduction for their crew and a greater chance to set enemy ships on fire and so on.
  • - Ability to improve ship artillery and ship’s crew.
  • - A set of special perks available for player’s character.

‘Caribbean!’ is a sandbox pirate RPG that blends the most engaging melee and firearms combat with naval battles, detailed crew management and the deep atmosphere of the pirate era.

Set in XVII century’s Caribbean region, whose unspeakable riches drew many European powers and pirates into the great fight, the game lets players decide their own role and create their own pirate adventure.

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