Dark Raid - CODEX

Dark Raid - CODEX

Developer: Vector Games
Genre: Action, Indie
Size: 2.41GB

Saving the world from an alien invasion is in your hands. Dark Raid is a FPS Action game developed by an independent developer studio ‘Vector Games’. Dark Raid is a new concept of mixing good old-school FPS game styles and new generation graphics and game-play. With the next-gen graphics and scenario, Dark Raid offers the players an amazing FPS Action game experience.

A research ship named S.W.A.N, receives an unknown signal from an unknown source while cruising throughout the deep space. The ship gets attacked and invaded all of a sudden. You’re the only one who can stop this invasion and save the human kind from total extinction. Brace yourselves to fight with sinister enemies and save the world!


  • - Two different game modes, Single-Player(Story) and Multi-Player
  • Single-Player:
  • - The Real FPS Action : Mixing good old-school FPS game styles with new generation graphics and game-play, in this game you will find the old-school FPS Action that you missed.
  • - Enemies with different levels of intelligence and fighting skills.
  • - Old-School Boss Fights
  • - Fast paced game-play


  1. - Fast paced game-play
  2. - Death Match, Team Death Match, Capture The Flag Modes
  3. - Tough enemy bots
  4. - Enjoy being a robot warrior and fight the sinister enemies without mercy

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