Hitman Absolution - MACOSX

Hitman Absolution - MACOSX

Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Big Finish Games
Genre: Action
Size: 14.3 GB

Execution is everything.
As Agent 47, a genetically modified murderess, and use your skills and ingenuity to turn a murder into art. With excellent reflexes, stealth techniques creative and a powerful arsenal of weapons at hand, pull off the perfect shot has never been so much fun.

Get ready to use your turn off all the talent in the contract that is very personal: to protect the vulnerable girl from a sadistic criminal. Marked for death by your former employer and on the run for your life, it's up to you to save the girl and eliminate the enemy in any way you want.


  • - Be Agent 47, a murderess cloning given the strength, endurance and intelligence beyond normal human limitations.
  • Turn everyday objects such as bricks and books into instruments of death - when choosing the method of murder, whatever it is.
  • - Operate as a silent killer to sneak your way through hidden dangers and perform takedowns.
  • - Hide in plain sight assuming various disguises, the enemy guards to the humble janitor.
  • - Find and exploit environmental hazards like broken machines, dropped from lethal heights, and even a disco ball hanging precariously to design creative execution.
  • - Phase fatal accident to kill a target without triggering the alarm.
  • - In possession of a series of high-tech weapons, explosives, guns and, of course, is Silverballer fiber garrote wire.
  • - Immediately stop some enemies with the point of recovery, incredible skill that allows you to slow down time, took aim and fired a pinpoint accurate.
  • - Use instinct vision to improve your ability to find threats through walls, predict the patterns of patrol guard and highlight points of interest.
  • - Create your own rogue mission has been designed so the Contract; killed all three targets with more subtle methods you can muster, and then invite other players to beat your performance by sharing contract online.
  • - Hitman: Absolution - Elite Edition contains all previously released add-on content, including Hitman: Sniper - Challenge - hit independent challenge to make the bold killing and cover the tracks just use your skills of shooters.

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