Don't Starve Multi2 v1.103987

Don't Starve (2013) Multi2 v1.103987

Don't Starve Multi2 v1.103987

"Do not Starve" - is an uncompromising game of survival in the wild, filled with science and magic. You - Wilson, courageous scholar gentleman who caught the evil demon and sent to the mysterious wild lands. Wilson should rein in this world and its inhabitants to get out of here and go back to his family home. Discover mysterious unknown world where every step you expect strange creatures, danger and surprises. Gather resources to create objects and things that will help you survive. Play the way you want it, and uncover the secrets of these mysterious lands.

Features Don't Starve:

Survive and explore the world without compromise:
No instructions. No help. No one will lead you by the hand. Start with empty pockets and create the necessary resources from the collected, hunt, make scientific discoveries and fight for their right to live on.

Constant updates:

Join an active community, which helps to create the perfect game! Leave reviews and participate in discussions with developers and other players.
grim and bizarre picture:
Dimensional characters and strange creatures live in a three dimensional world.
New worlds that are created randomly:
Do you want a new card? No problem! At any time, you can create a new living, breathing world that hates you and wants you dead.

Features Reign of Giants:

Now, in Game 4 of the season - fall, winter, spring and summer. The most dangerous of them - winter and summer, when the character freezes or overheats.
New characters - Webber and Vigfrid
2 new biome - deciduous forest and desert
New Recipes - raincoat, rain hat, shed for siesta endothermic fire / fireplace, cute umbrella, snezhkometnaya machine, ice cube and other
New Plants: tumbleweeds, cactus, hollow stump walnut birch
New animals: buzzard, volt-goat krotocherv, glommer, enotokot
Now most of the buildings can burn.

More diverse customization: You can set the number of seasons, RME koaloslonov, colors, rains of frogs, mushrooms, pinchaek, mounds hounds hive of killer bees, ponds scattered on the ground stones and silicon, the number of needle mandrakes, chess pieces and more .

Full Moon has acquired new properties.
Three new boss - Moose, Goose, dragon fly, Bear badger.
Traces can not lead to a Koaloslonu to Varg.
New Food - Watermelon, Grilled Watermelon, Makoto cooked cactus, cactus Pulp Cooked birch walnut,
Electric milk, ice cream, candy Arbuzov.


  • DLC

Reign of Giants:

«Reign of Giants» - this additional downloadable content. The game world has become more and more diverse. The game creators have introduced new monsters who want to kill heroes, and new resources that will help them survive. Also, the Giants added. At the request of players slots for save was extended by one cell. Supplement introduces Don't Starve the seasons. Now have to survive under autumn torrential rains in the summer heat. Apart from the changes of the world, brings into play the addition of two new characters. Theater actress Vigfrid (Wigfrid) too much accustomed to the role of his last Valkyrie and looks the part. The second character is even more strange. Boy Webber (Webber) lives inside the spider, who once tried to eat it. The result was a crazy version of Spider-Man.

MOD The Screecher:

«The Screecher» - this Hallowe'en modification completely changes the game, altering the sandbox in the survival-horror. The action takes place in January 1986 on the island Pillet Greek. The protagonist wakes up from a strange cry. Finding that his girlfriend Sarah left to try to cause the helicopter, it is taken to find her. Walking along the path, and beheld the camp for the battery, cards or notes, our hero is persecuted strange creatures similar to humans with owl heads.

Features of release:

Taken as a basis for creating a release from GOG
audio and video quality is 100%
all the way registry maintained
Start the game through the shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu
Installation requires 512 MB of RAM
Approximate install time 1 minute
version of the game: 1.103987

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